Aviation stories told in pictures

Aviation is so much more than transporting people around the world. In fact there are not many industries that evoke so much emotion from people. It can be that classic aircraft type or a specific airline that gets you inspired. It might be your very first flight or that last pre-COVID holiday that sparks the emotion. Everyone has a special memory related to aviation. 

Over the years I have made a million special aviation memories myself. Airshows that I have visited all over Europe or that special last flight that I made in 2014 with the KLM MD11. For some of these memories I have created a special photo feature to try to bring across my passion for aviation.


Live shooting demo

The yearly shooting Demo of the Swiss Air Force is my favourite airshow. Although weather and the climb up the Tschingel, Wildgärst or Ebenflüh can be challenging, the reward are usually huge.

Nowhere in the world is the raw power of military fighter jets so impressive as here in the Berner Oberland, when Swiss Air Force pilots train in alpine manoeuvrability and target shooting. In this article I will explain my passion for Axalp.



Low flying in the lowlands

Dutch Air Force Boeing AH-64D Apache practising brown out landing at the Oirschotse Heide low flying area

The main focus of the Dutch Air Force is to enable peacekeeping missions worldwide. A vital part of these missions lie in the hands of the Defence Helicopter Command (DHC) based at Gilze Rijen Air Force base.

To train the crews, the Netherlands Air Force intensively uses one of 12 Low Fly Areas known as GLV V (Low Fly Area 5) on the Oirschotse Heide. This article shows you the operations of Chinooks, Apaches and Cougars in this spectacular arena.



Queen of the skies

KLM Boeing 747

No plane in the history of aviation has a more legendary status than the Boeing 747. Introduced with KLM in 1970, the Boeing 747 has brought aviation within the reach of the masses. 

KLM has been a long standing operator of most of the 747 types for almost 5 decades. But due due to the COVID pandemic KLM saw itself forced to take all Passenger 747’s out of service. This article is a hommage to the Queen of the Skies.