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Concorde close up of the nose section


Today I have published a new story about all my memories of Concorde. I have been lucky to see the Concorde fly on many occassions. I have bunlded these memories in a new aviation story available on

The story of the Concorde

The Concorde, an iconic symbol of aviation, was a supersonic passenger airliner developed and produced by Aérospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation. Its maiden flight was on March 2, 1969, and it began commercial service on January 21, 1976, with Air France and British Airways as its main operators.

The Concorde was celebrated for its remarkable speed, capable of reaching up to Mach 2.04 (2,180 km/h; 1,354 mph) at an altitude of 60,000 feet (18,300 meters). It set a record for the fastest transatlantic flight, completing the journey in just under 3 hours.

Despite its technological achievements, the Concorde faced challenges due to its noise levels and high operating costs. These factors limited its service and led to its retirement in 2003. Nevertheless, the Concorde continues to be revered as a testament to human ingenuity and international collaboration.

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NOW LIVE The KLM Boeing 747 photo article

Shortly after I have published my GLV V low fly area article last month. I have now been able to finish my Photo article about the KLM 747.

No plane in the history of KLM has done more for the expansion it has gone through since the 1970’s than the Boeing 747. Introduced with KLM in 1971, the Boeing 747 has brought aviation within the reach of the masses. 

KLM has operated most of the 747 types for almost 5 decades. But due due to the COVID pandemic KLM saw itself forced to take all Passenger 747’s out of service. This article is a homage to the Queen of the Skies in the service of KLM.

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The Classic 747’s at KLM 

KLM took delivery of the first Boeing 747-206B on 31 January 1971. The KLM Boeing 747-206B was laid out in a two-class configuration for 353 passengers: 32 in Royal Class and 321 in economy. The seven oldest KLM Boeing 747-200’s retired from service once the 747-400 were delivered. All the more recently delivered Boeing 747-200 series were modified with a stretched upper deck in the 1980’s, they left KLM service in 2003 when the Boeing 777 was delivered. 

The Boeing 747-400 at KLM 

The first KLM Boeing 747-400 (PH-BFA “City of Atlanta”) was delivered to KLM in 1989. KLM used 22 Passenger and Combi versions until 2020. KLM withdrew the aircraft from service from service hastily in March 2020 after the COVID pandemic hit the world. 4 747-400 Combi planes continued to fly cargo services to Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing until the end of the summer schedule. Currently 3 Boeing 747-400ERF cargo aircraft remain in KLM service.

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