My first steps in video are a fact.

I have been taking photos for 37 years now. Never once have I considereddoing video as well. But ever since DSLR’s and now mirrorless cameras come equipped with amazing video capabilities, I started noticing that I was trying to make short videosmore and more.

So a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought a proper video tripod with a fluid head and a microphone with deadcat to be able to record sound properly in windy situations as well. 

Making video is so very different than taking photos. You have to anticipate way better. If you do somehting wrong you ruin the entire movie, whereas if you miss one photo, you do not ruin the entire sequence. Furthermore there are many settings you need to change compared to photo, from exposure to autofocus. 

Lastly it takes a lot of time and practice to get the panning right. Sometimes you are bale to make a silky smooth pan and at the end you wobble up or down, effectively ruining the shot.

All in all, it is so good to try something new once in a while. I am really enjoying it and committed to keep trying to be better.