The GLV V Photo report is live!

In the past two years I have paid many visits to the GLV V low fly area. Now I have made a GLV V photo report. GLV V is one of a dozen low fly areas in The Netherlands. It is located on the Oirschotse Heide near Eindhoven Air Force Base. The large sand plates and dense forest make the area very attractive for practising brown out landings, troop extractions and confined landings.


Dutch Air Force Helicopter Types at GLV V

The best aspect of GLV V is that the area is publicly accessible. Enthusiasts can observe all the action from a relatively close distance. Therefore the GLV V has become a very popular destination for Military Aviation enthousiasts over the years. Seeing Chinooks perform brown out landings from close by is nothing short of amazing. That is exactly what you will get at GLV V Low Fly Area. A mix of forest, heath fields and sand plains that forms an amazing blend with the DHC helicopters based at Gilze Rijen Air Force Base.

ll Dutch military helicopter operations are grouped in the DHC. DHC stands for Defence Helicopter Command. DHC currently operates the following helicopters:

  • Boeing AH-64D Apache

  • Boeing CH-47F MYII CAAS Chinook

  • Eurocopter AS532 Cougar

  • NH Industries NH90

The first three Dutch helicopter types operate from Gilze Rijen Air Force Base and can be seen on a daily basis at GLV V. The NH90 makes occasional appearances.

Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter at the GLV V low fly area near Oirschot

Spotting an Photography Tips for GLV V

In the GLV V Photo Report you can see all aspects of training that the DHC conducts in this area. On top of that I have included all the hints and spotting tips you need for visiting the area including where to park your car and how to get the best photos of the helicopters at GLV V.

GLV V is an amazing place to visit, and I can highly recommend paying a visit if you have time. Make sure to read my hints and tips to the area to optimise your chances of nice pictures. If you have any remarks or questions, do get in touch. Enjoy!

Boeing AH-64 Apache in the snow