The Axalp airshow 2025 is cancelled. The Swiss Defense Ministry has confirmed this to Swiss television station SRF on 27 January 2024. The announcement comes after an earlier statement that the Airspirit24 airshow, that came in place of the Axalp 2024 Airshow, will also not take place.

Cost reductions

The reason for the cancellation of Axalp 2025 is the current financial situation of the Swiss Army. They face higher costs and will only get extra budget from 2028 onwards. Until that time strict and drastic cost reductions are necessary.

The future of the Axalp Airshow

Some enthousiasts fear that there is a risk that the Axalp Airshow will never return. The fact that extra budget will only be available in 2028 also fuels fears that 2023 might just as well have been the last Axalp all together. After all, money that is not there right now will also not be there in 2026 and 2027. And this decision may well follow a sad trend that many air forces face: Extremely high costs for organising public events while budgets can hardly grow. 

Stay up to date about the Axalp Airshow

Wether we have seen the last of the Axalp Airshow remains to be seen obviously. And at this point I also am hopeful that we will see the event return. If you want to stay up to date about the developments of the Axalp Airshow make sure to visit The Axalp Guide. Here you will always find up to date information about the Axalp Airshow



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