In the recently opened pop-up Schiphol photo exhibition, Martin Boschhuizen features with one of his pictures made in 2015. The exhibition that opened on 12 April 2021 in the E-Pier at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol features photos from a small group of hardcore aviation photographers. I was one of the photographers that was selected to feature a photo in the exhibition. On Friday April 16th I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition. 

My photo in the exhibition

Schiphol has selected a photo that I took in 2015 of a Martinair MD11  in the snow. At that moment it was taxiing towards the Sierra apron on taxiway Victor after having landed a few minutes earlier as MP1158 from South America on the Polderbaan.

This picture is a good example why I love to take pictures in the Haarlemmermeerpolder. The desolate character of the flatter than flat polder, intersected only by a line of trees that have grown to one side because of the wind.

And then, that MD11 that breaks this abstract scene. Almost ads a human element with her characteristic appearance and cockpit windows. These images often wander around in my head for a long time before everything falls into place. The thin layer of snow only ads to the motive. 

A martinair MD11 taxxiing in the snow at Schiphol

Inspiring travellers to connect with Schiphol

The aim of the exposition is to inspire travellers,according to Schiphol. The photos portray how we -as avgeeks and photographers- experience the airport and aircraft. But also how this connects us with Schiphol.

For me, the exhibition is a beautiful summary of what makes aviation photography so special to me. Enduring wind, rain and cold. Getting up in the middle of the night, planning and persevering. All to get that perfect shot. The exhibition can be enjoyed up until the end of June. 

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